How To Choose The Perfect Mattress? Guidelines To Various Types Of Mattress

It is a general conception ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’. A peaceful night’s sleep is an important exercise to our mental, psychological and physical health. But, often we hear it from our friends that even after a complete sleep they have several problems like back pain, neck pain, excessive sweating that leads to clumsy, drowsy physical condition and so many other health issues. But the reason behind all these problems is a single one- sleeping on a crummy and venerable mattress. When there is such a major problem, then there must be a perfect solution. The solution is to choose a fantastic and luxurious mattress.

While going to purchase a comfortable mattress for your home, you have several options regarding various types of mattress. But only then, when you have a brief knowledge about mattress, you can purchase it, either from various online stores like mattress shop or from conventional market places.

Different types of mattress:

There are several variations in the mattress which are based on-

  • Mattress Foundation- differs regarding supportive quality
  • Mattress Comfort Layers- varies based on comfort level
  • Mattress Bases – regarding durability
  • Mattress size as per bed

Mattress Foundation: A mattress can be classified as a comfortable one when it provides total support to your body. The design of this type of mattress is extremely unique. It retains spine in its actual shape. Whiling shopping a mattress, it is good to care about lower back portion, joint portion, hips and shoulders, because all these parts of the body carry the entire physical function and load on the body for the entire day even at night, when you are going to take a rest.



  • Open Coil:
  1. Bonnell Spring
  2. Covered by layers of foams
  3. Spring unit is movable which is disturbing during night
  4. Cheap in cost as well as in quality
  5. Ephemeral and temporal
  • Pocket Springs:
  1. Comparatively non agitating due to partner’s movement
  2. Comparatively better as per cost and quality
  • Foam:
  1. Intense body support and receptivity
  2. No scope of spring pressure
  3. Partner’s affection instead of effecting in your sleep
  4. Best mattress among all in this category
  • Dual Coil:
  1. Comparatively more comfort than initial two open coil and pocket spring
  2. Magnificent internal coil reaction with the different levels of pressure

Mattress comfort layers:

  • Memory or Visco Electric Foam:
  1. Engraves to the shape of your body
  2. Total support to each and every pressure point
  3. The body becomes heat up as not suitable in hot climate
  • Latex:
  1. Relaxing and has been made as per body structure
  2. Hypoallergenic
  • Gel:
  1. Not sweating, comparatively cooler
  2. Pressure relief


  • Pocket sprung Mattress:
  1. Each spring equally distributes pressure in various pockets
  2. Aiding for insomniac patient and to those who have back pain
  3. Comparatively cooler than memory foam
  4. Comfortable
  • Adjustable Base:
  1. Electrical moves and provide the most comfortable level during the tie of sleep


It is unworthy to state that during the time of the selection of your mattress, it is recommended to analyze all these necessary features which are described above to have a splendid sleep all over the night.

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